Why You Do Good

Jun 02 2019
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Why You Do Good

By: Mary B.

About a year ago I was selling The Contributor in Bellevue at the corner of Hicks Rd. and Old Harding Pike. I work at a four way stop sign, and I try to wave at everyone that passes by. I guess it was around 3 p.m. or so when I turned to wave at the cars coming down Hicks Road and I saw something lying in the road. I walked over to see what it was and to my surprise it was an iPhone. 

Amazingly there was not a crack in the screen. The first thing that hit my head was it’s probably locked. Boy, was I wrong! So I opened the phone and called the last number called on the phone. The lady that answered was the sister of the phone’s owner. (At that time I didn’t realize that it was one of my customers whose daughter I adore!) I told her who I was and where I’d found the phone. She called her sister’s husband’s phone to see where they were and to let them know someone had found their phone. The couple was having dinner at a local Mexican restaurant close to where I was, so I told the sister I’d take the phone to them. I had no idea what the couple even looked like, however, they knew who I was. When I walked in they waved me over to the table. The couple was happy that I had found the phone. The wife said, “Mary, I wasn’t ever even aware I had lost my phone. Thank you so much for returning it to me.”  

  I said, “You are so welcome. I’m just glad it didn’t get ran over! I know if I had lost my phone I would hope that they would return my phone to me as well.”

They offered to buy me something to eat, but I said no because I wasn’t hungry but told them thank you anyways. I did appreciate the offer. She tried to offer me some money, but I told her she didn’t have to do that either. I was just returning something that belonged to her. She kept insisting I take some money, so I did finally, but really I was just only doing what anyone should do if they find someone’s phone. It’s called doing the right thing.

  One afternoon in March I realized my wallet was missing with everything in it - I.D., S.S. card, bus pass and money I made that morning.  I knew I had my wallet when I got on the bus downtown at 2:35 p.m. headed toward Bellevue. I got to Bellevue about 3:10 p.m. or maybe a little later.  You see I went downtown to buy more papers to sell that afternoon.  I got off the bus there in front of Victor’s Taco Shop.

OMG. I was flipping out. I turned my backpack inside out looking for my wallet. I went through my bag several times. My friend Mike that was giving me a ride to the pharmacy, so I even searched his truck. Still nothing. Mike said call MTA so I did. They said my wallet had not been turned in. I told them which bus I’d been on and asked them to contact the driver for me, but the person on the phone told me I just had to wait until tomorrow to see if anyone turned it in. I ride way too many busses to know he was lying. I know for a fact that they can contact any given bus driver at any given time.

So Mike, his daughter Randi and myself went back to Victor’s to retrace my steps. I walked into Victor’s to see if maybe I had lost it there. No. Sorry. Mike and Randi searched the grass leading from Victor’s down to the bus stop where I got off. Nothing. I walked over to where I was selling papers. Nothing. So we decided to chase down the bus drivers in the area. We found one bus, but it wasn’t the same bus I’d been on because this one had a female driver. From there I went to the Bellevue Road four way stop sign to wait on the bus that would be arriving soon. I knew the driver. It was Mr. Bill. I waved him down and told him the reason I had stopped him. Nothing. 

The next morning when Mike picked me up to take me down to where I sell papers I called MTA to see if my wallet was turned in. No, nothing was turned in. I was so heartbroken.  

That afternoon while I was working, I kept looking at the clock and looking at every bus driver that turned off of Highway 70 on to Hicks Road trying to spot the bus driver from the day before, but I wasn’t even sure if the bus driver would be on the same schedule. The bus I was on yesterday should be arriving between 3:15 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. give or take. Well, sure enough there it came off of 70 on to Hicks Road. Man, I was so hoping that was the driver from yesterday. 

As I headed over to stop the bus I noticed the driver was taking off his gloves and reaching behind him. Before I could even ask the driver about my wallet, out the window it came. I was so overwhelmed with joy. He’d found my wallet the day before and kept it, hoping when he came back out on his route that I would still be out there. Since he didn’t see me he took it home with him because he knew he’d see me the next day. If he had turned it in when he found it, it could have taken even longer for me to get my wallet back.

I told the driver how much I appreciated him for returning my wallet to me and asked him his name. “Chris,” he replied. That afternoon I got Mike to take me to the Dollar Tree so we could buy a thank you card. I just wanted to let the driver know how much I appreciated what he had done for me. When Chris came through that next day, I stopped him and gave him the thank you card. Once again I told him how much I appreciated him for returning my wallet and let him know that what he had done was above and beyond his job title. The crazy thing about this whole story was the same place I left my wallet on the bus was the same place that I found the cell phone! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true! 

I could have kept the cell phone and the driver could have kept my wallet. But we didn’t. We both did the right thing. I guess what I’m saying is if you do good things, good will come back to you and this proves it.

Once again Chris, thank you for going above and beyond your job as an MTA driver. 

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