What is my story?

Dec 18 2019
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What is my story?

By: Maurice B.

There are so many individuals that are interested in a story. I am just like the next individual in life that had a hard fall — someone who has experienced many trials and tribulations. I am Maurice B., The Bucketman. I come from a place well-known for all types of history: “Cow-town/Murderworth” Texas. Because I existed on the streets of mainly the Southside I am able to comprehend many types of people and their mentality and the differences between situations and circumstances because Texas is so very diverse. I was hospitalized with a blood-clot and found out I am a diabetic on top of already having seizure disorders. I had a choice to make: Move to go forward in life or stay where I was and dig myself deeper into ruts of existing. In the early part of 2016, I touched down here in Nashville. At first all I recognized was the old ways I was used to. I didn’t see a way out of the frowns of life in which everyone is discouraged. But I knew that I must meet up with myself and I pulled away from everyone and their ways and focused on myself. Yes, I know it sounds selfish, but how can I assist someone else if I can’t help myself? I found myself getting on a new pattern and I began to meet people. I approached a table and requested to eat. Some individuals opened up avenues for me to eat. And as I was eating little by little I was maintaining my serenity. An ol’ school approached me and introduced me to a way to make a better ratio of my time and money. He took me to the office of The Contributor. Suddenly, I wasn’t just sitting around like everyone else. There was hope. Things were slow, but they were better. I found a spot off Charlotte & 46th. It was slow at first, but I was steady. Individuals started supporting me and on a regular basis. I began to attend G.E.D. classes after work. The issue about a person at the men’s mission opened up ways for me as a vendor and I thank him as well as the others. I ended up moving into a motel with someone, which wasn’t positive. I was out selling one day and no one bought a paper, but rent still needed to be paid so I missed G.E.D class and moved to Hickory Hollow Parkway & Bell Road for a period and as before no one was interested at first, but the next day or so the support came about. Well, that was a spot in which I really took over because individuals came by and said they’d rather support me and The Contributor than what was out there before me. With my bucket in hand daily I was known on the MTA bus routes as a regular working man. I’d like to say I was inspiring to individual passengers, but I must be honest there were times that I wasn’t at my serenity. It was only by the mercy of our Almighty God that people felt my pain and assisted me through. I am a firm believer of the oneness of our Almighty God, which makes me a follower of the Deen of Al-Islam. I know that there have been those who have passed me by while I make salah (prayer) in which by my teachings Allah/God accepts and knows my intentions. That’s where I ask you to notice that if I do not acknowledge you, it is because my salah/prayers are obligatory, and they are better to be made at the times they first come in. My story is that I have been given structure and I strive to apply it. I’ve since come back to Charlotte & 46th and The Contributor sent Channel 5 out to shoot a story about The Contributor accepting Venmo using me as the community celebrity: Maurice. B, The Bucketman. Just a regular individual striving to press forward. 

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