Vendor: 'Make Your Education Count'

Aug 11 2016
Posted by: The Contributor
Vendor: 'Make Your Education Count'

By: Rocky B., Formerly Homeless Vendor

I was asked by people at my paper to write a story about the school year starting back up. I think I was asked to do this because many of my poems that have been published in The Contributor have been about the school children and teachers that I see on my corner of Thompson Lane and Nolensville Pike every morning while I’m selling my papers. I am so glad that school is about to be back in session because I have missed every one of the children waving and smiling vigorously at me. Not to mention the parents that have a lot on their minds while they’re dropping their children off to school and heading to work, or just having to take care of everyday life. The parents hear their children trying to yell, “Hi,” with the window rolled up, so that makes the parents look at me and smile and wave.

I’ve had teachers on my corner that have pulled up and handed me a big bag of change. One told me that she loves sharing my poems with her class and the children saved their change just to thank me. This always brings me to tears because it’s just really special to me. I hate that I’m old and have a hard time remembering everyone’s name, but that’s the way it is.

Two really special children that I want to talk about are Claire and Caroline. I can’t remember their mom’s and dad’s names, although they went out of their way to tell me, but the kids are more important to me. Claire especially noticed me and my corner in the morning while her mom was taking her to school. She would smile and wave vigorously at me, but her mom never noticed. Finally, one day I watched them pull up and the window rolled down and her mom beckoned me over to the car. The mom handed me a brown paper sack and introduced me to Claire and Caroline, and apologized for not paying attention to me like her girls did. They drove off and as I looked at that brown paper sack and on the outside it said “Have a Great Day” with a smiley face. On the inside there was two blueberry muffins with a note from the mom that said, “Claire baked these just for you.”

To all the students going back to school, I want to say please make an effort to make your education count. You will definitely need it. To all the teachers out there, thank you so much for teaching our children what they need to know.

All my people are special to me on my corner. I know I’m not out there as much as I used to be, but I’ll still be there.
Learn lots, kids. God Bless.

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