To my customers

Feb 06 2017
Posted by: Staff
To my customers

By: Rocky B.

Our staff asked us all last week to write a story about why we like being vendors for The Contributor. I’ll start mine by saying that utmost and foremost it’s because of my customers. Second, it’s because it’s how I pay my rent. 

My customers are the greatest in the world. There are some that never even buy a paper from me yet they will smile and wave at me. These people are just as special to me as anyone that buys a paper. I have regulars that have been buying my papers for the two years that I’ve been on my corner at Thompson Lane and Nolensville Pike. Two of my dearest are Claire and Caroline. Two young ladies on their way to school and every day roll down their window to holler my name as they go by. They have brought me homemade muffins numerous times (delicious). It just blesses my day every morning. Carol, a truly sweet lady, a year and a half ago said to me, “I normally don’t do this but you look like you work hard at this.” She is a widowed lady and so sweet. She takes my safety and her's in mind when she gets a paper. If the light doesn’t work right for a whole week, I’ll give two weeks worth and she always takes care of me. I have Stan the Man that comes by everyday driving his food truck (Roach Coach) LOL. Most of the time he won’t take my paper but gives me money. We do pray for each other a lot. His wife Sheila has been going through real rough times. He asks me to pray and he KNOWS I will. A lot of my business is from school children and their parents or the teachers on their way to instruct at the same school. Another special person is a school teacher who lives right up the street. She is into fitness and jogs by me all the time. She has brought her dog to meet me cause she knows I keep treats in my pockets cause I love animals. I know that there are many of my customers that I haven’t mentioned by name, I’m sorry, I’m old but everyone of ya’ll are dear and precious to me. If it wasn’t for ya’ll I would still be living on the streets. 

P.S. I love being a distributor of The Contributor.

Rocky B. is a formerly homeless vendor of The Contributor. 

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