That is what 'The Contributor' means to me

Oct 31 2016
Posted by: The Contributor
That is what 'The Contributor' means to me

By: Mary B., Formerly Homeless Vendor

Before I started selling The Contributor, I was homeless, hungry, lonely, angry, an alcoholic and drug addict, and not in touch with my family.

Since I started selling the paper, I got clean and sober. I’m no longer lonely. I have two families: my Contributor family and I can’t forget my Bellevue family that has adopted me where I sell my papers.

How was I angry, but not anymore? Why, you might ask? Because I have everything a person could want. So why should I be angry?

I have gotten back in touch with my family and it feels good to be close to them again. And how could I forget that day in September 2015 that I got into my very own apartment, a home. I’m no longer homeless!

One of the best things is that I’m my very own micro-business woman. Yeah, you heard right. I am my very own business woman, and that two-hour training class to sell The Contributor made it happen.

You see, The Contributor helped me become that person. They believed in me and gave me the opportunity to do that.

They even gave me my first set of papers for free to make it happen.

The Contributor is fair, they don’t turn anyone down because of their looks or background. They treat us all as equal. Each of us vendors went from jobless to having our very own businesses in one day. Now do you know any other paper company that offers that? This is what The Contributor means to me.

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