Republican Hair teams up with Scout’s Barbershop, Martha O’Bryan Center to help local students

Aug 29 2017
Posted by: Staff
Republican Hair teams up with Scout’s Barbershop, Martha O’Bryan Center to help local students

By: Brinley Hineman

In an effort to aid their community, punk outfit Republican Hair is teaming up with local Scout’s Barbershop to host another Haircuts for Humans event.

“Last year, (we) did a pop-up where we would cut homeless people's’ hair,” said Luke Dick, frontman for Republican Hair. “Then we did another day where I went out and picked up homeless people, and then we opened the doors at Scout’s where anybody in need who wanted a haircut (could come).” 

In total, the pop-up event raised $3,500 for the Martha O’Bryan Center, a Nashville nonprofit that helps those experiencing poverty. 

This time around, the money is still going to Martha O’ Bryan, but will focus on education with the funds helping Nashville’s schoolchildren, a need Dick realized was prevalent after learning of the demand for both school uniforms and supplies.

Focusing on helping Nashville’s youth comes at a needed time, as a 2014 study points Tennessee as one of the highest-ranking states when it comes to homeless youth. More than 28,500 Tennessee kids experience homelessness at some point during the year. 

This is Republican Hair’s second time spearheading the event, but this time it’s got a twist: the event, along with Scout’s haircuts, is also the launch of the band’s newest EP, The Prince and the Duke. 

Local alternative radio station Lightning 100 is supporting the event.

“My band has been playing a lot more in town, and I thought we could do an event this year, just a show to benefit Haircuts for Humans,” Dick said. 

The event will be held Sept. 9 at the 5 Spot. Haircuts begin at 7:30 p.m., and doors will open for music at 9 p.m. Attendees are also encouraged to bring donations for the school supply drive. 

For those who can’t make the event, Scout’s is currently allowing their patrons to tack on extra money to their haircare services as a donation to the cause, taking place now until the day of the event.

“I’m excited that I can play music and have that music help my community,” Dick said. “Every dollar coming in the door goes directly to helping (Nashville).”    

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