Rants & Raves with Julie

Apr 03 2019
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Rants & Raves with Julie

By: Julie B.

I want you as the people to ask me any questions you might have. Write in to, and I will answer them in future ditions of The Contributor. Keep in mind your questions must be clean — nothing dirty. Ask things you think nobody can answer and I’ll do my best to give it a shot. 

Maybe you need someone to talk to. Maybe you think you don’t have a friend. Maybe you’re going through something and you someone outside the situation to weigh in or just listen to your thoughts. Maybe you’re fighting with your spouse.

I can help with all these things and more. I’ve been through a lot, have dealt with a brain tumor and cancer. And I’m right now facing eviction and have lost my home before. I want to use my experiences to help you through yours. 

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