Q&A: Titans Wide Receiver Corey Davis Talks New Season and High Hopes

Aug 31 2018
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Q&A: Titans Wide Receiver Corey Davis Talks New Season and High Hopes

By: Jonathan Hutton

 “Midday 180” host Jonathan Hutton, also the sideline reporter for the Titans Radio Network, recently sat down with Titans wide receiver Corey Davis ahead of the 2018 season. The Titans have a new-look offense led by Mike Vrabel and offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur, and Davis is one of the players expected to contribute in a big way. The 5th overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft, Davis battled injuries over the course of his rookie season, but the healthy-as-ever wide receiver is ready to produce in his second season in Music City.

JONATHAN HUTTON: First, how did training camp start for you? 

COREY DAVIS: It [was] a pretty good start. As long as I can come out and focus on one or two things to get better at, come out and compete and give 100 percent every time, that’s a good day for me. 


JH: Did you realize you were the talk of camp? All eyes were on you after being the 5th overall pick last season.


CD: I’m OK with that. I kind of expected it to be like that. I just want to come out here and do my job and handle my expectations. To me it’s kind of neither here nor there. It’s just talk. I have to focus on what I can to get better and come out here to practice and perfect my craft in any way.


JH: Are you excited to think about what you could bring to this new-look offense?


CD: Definitely. We’ve watched a lot of film on last year and year’s prior with this offense installed. It’s going to be an exciting year and I’m looking forward to it.


JH: How much have you thought about your final performance last season? The game in the Divisional Playoffs against the Patriots. Two touchdowns.


CD: Not a lot, honestly. Last year was a rough year for me. I battled a lot of injuries. But last year is in the past.

JH: You were injured for a stretch of the season that spanned Week 2 at Jacksonville to halfway through the year against Baltimore. You then ended the season with a boost, even though you fought through those injuries.


CD: [The game against the Patriots] definitely boosted my confidence.  Getting my first touchdown was a good feeling.

JH:  Malcolm Butler has said he’s wanted to get you back for scoring twice on him last season. He got his first interception in camp when he lined up against you. He was motivated to get that pick. What did he tell you?


CD: He was hyped. He’s a competitor. I’m a big fan of his. He’s a “dawg” and I’m going to be the same way. Iron sharpens iron.

JH: Marcus Mariota is a quiet guy like you.


CD: We’re similar in a lot of ways. He’s a quiet dude. Very humble. He has that quiet confidence and he’s coming out here every day to compete. He doesn’t say much, but he has a fire inside of him that I feel like no one else has.

JH: Your body language seems a bit different this year compared to last year. Am I on to something there?


CD: Yes. Body language is everything. Coach [Mike] Vrabel always speaks on that. When we drop a ball, don’t clap your hands. Have your chest out, walk back to the huddle and make up for it on the next play. It’s definitely something I’ve been conscious of.


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