Paying it forward

Jan 13 2017
Posted by: Staff
Paying it forward

By: Mary B.

I have some of the best customers ever. In fact, my customers are more than a customer. They are my friends and family. The reason I say that is because if I’m not on my corner selling papers, they worry about me. Those who have my number call me, and those who are on my Facebook hit me up and check on me.

Because of my Bellevue family, I had a great Thanksgiving. I was even able to pay it forward. I was able to feed someone who had no family or nowhere to go. I even sent him back with bowls of food. I, too, was once homeless and I wish someone would have given me a hot meal on Thanksgiving, or any holiday for that matter. 

Nobody deserves to be alone on any holiday. Holidays are hard on a lot of people, whether you’re homeless or not. I’m just grateful that I was able to help him out, but I wouldn’t have been able to have done it if it wasn’t for my Bellevue family buying my papers.


So, I would just like to thank Bellevue for supporting me over the years and showing me the love that you guys have shown me.

Mary B. is a formerly homeless vendor of The Contributor. 

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