One year after his cancer diagnosis, Vendor Gary 'Moose' E. pens a message to his doctor

Feb 07 2018
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One year after his cancer diagnosis, Vendor Gary 'Moose' E. pens a message to his doctor

By: Gary 'Moose' E.

What a difference one year makes. One year ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. At that point, I didn’t know if I had a year left in me or not. Who knew what the future held? I sure as hell had no idea! But thanks to the Sarah Cannon Radiation Oncology Department at TriStar Centennial Medical Center and Dr. James R. Gray, M.D., I have made it to the new year! 

I went to Oak Ridge High School with Dr. Gray and was divinely reconnected with him 40 years later when I was diagnosed. How cool is that? The staff there was so friendly and caring that they gave me hope each day knowing that everyday was a new one. I can’t say enough about how much hope they give to people who don’t have any! 

As of Dec. 20, 2017, I finished my follow-up radiation after my prostatectomy protocol. So far — and from now on — I claim victory and healing over all cancer in my body! In Jesus’ name, Amen! I have finished 38 treatments, and I will be monitored from now on with PSA blood levels. I’m going into the new year with a fresh set of eyes. After all I’ve been through in life,  at almost 58-years-old, I’m as surprised as anybody that I’m still alive. And I mean it! (Being homeless for more than 20 years wasn’t any joke either.)

You’re not promised tomorrow, as we all know. I should have been dead many times over the years — too many to list here, you can bet! One thing I can say is that after all I’ve been through, I am not a quitter! And I don’t give up easy!  

A new medical center is under construction in Franklin, Tenn., called the Provision Cares Center for Proton Therapy, and Dr. Gray is set to head up a team there. Dr. Gray told me that he is going to dedicate the rest of his life and career to this new technology. Kudos to Provision, Scott Hamilton and Dr. James Gray for forging ahead in the life-saving and life-extending business. Best of luck to Jim in all of your future endeavors as you continue to make your mark in the medical world.

You and your staff made a mark on me by extending my life. You can’t get that at Wal-Mart! I am forever thankful and humbled. One year has gone by quick. I wasn’t sure I would be alive to tell this story. I didn’t know. But I do know that I’m a better person than I was after coming through this test! I’m still a work in progress and getting better everyday.

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