Ode to Odd

Jan 16 2019
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Ode to Odd

By: Jen. A.


Ode to Odd


“You’re good enough,

you’re smart enough,

and, gosh darn it, people like you!”


Studies show

that starting each day

in front of a mirror

delivering a positive affirmation

of your worth to the world,

doesn’t work,

And may, in fact,

have the opposite effect.




You’re not like the other children.

You were absent from school

the day the other boys and girls

learned to be properly socialized;

because of an asthma attack,

or the dog ate your orthopedic inserts,

or to catch up on events in Pine Valley.

No make-ups.


You were raised in a beer joint

where the Coca Cola was so cold

it exploded in your mouth

sending a lava stream of foamy bubbles

up and out your nose

as all the assembled drunks

mocked you—

including your dad.


You took your First Communion,

sans veil,

in a blue dress

because your mother,

(a Christian Scientist

before the conversion)

didn’t realize the significance

of the white dress and veil.

No one ever offered you

a hand,

a leg up,

a pat on the back,

the benefit of any doubt,

comfort from night terrors,

help with your homework,

an ounce of encouragement.


You applied your own bandages,

read the classics,


grew your hair long,

learned to order take-out,

to lie convincingly without talking,

to keep your head down.

You know the comfort of headphones

and the sting of icy stares.


Your fish has left the water,

You’re chimera with a nose ring

and a pronounced limp.

You answer to, “hey, you”.

They think you’re irregular, unconventional,

and strange--

an anomaly wrapped in

a deviation from the norm.


So prove them right,

Embrace the exceptional, extraordinary you.

An original outshines a copy every time.

Pull those pants on over your pajamas,

put some fresh Hello Kitty tape

on that break in your glasses,

turn the mirror to the wall and shout,




God knows

You’re plenty good enough.


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