Nashville renters demand action

Oct 04 2016
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Nashville renters demand action

By: Amelia Ferrell Knisely

More than 100 renters came together on Sept. 24 to demand change in Nashville’s exploding rental prices that have pushed many out of the burgeoning city. The Rally Against Displacement was held in solidarity with a National Renters Day of Action, a campaign in which 50 cities demonstrated against displacement. Leaders from Homes for All Nashville, who organized the rally, shared their personal stories of displacement and homelessness before leading a peaceful protest from 12th Ave. South and Argyle into the Gulch and back. Their mission was to create community among those who have been negatively impacted by Nashville’s growth and to call attention to the disparity between rising rent and low income; in Nashville, the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is around $1,500 per month, while nearly half of all Davidson County households earn less than $36,000 per year. "You kick everybody out, you don't give them jobs, you don't raise the minimum wage, and they can't afford to take care of themselves. What do they do?” said participant Lynn Jones. “We're human beings. Every human being has a basic right to food, shelter and clothing.” Homes for All Nashville has been collecting stories of displacement in a video campaign that is shared on the group’s Facebook page. “It is crucial that we come to grips with the physical, mental and emotional toll that unchecked development is taking on the city,” said Austin Sauerbrei, a leader in Homes for All Nashville. 

Photos credit: Alvine 

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