May 05 2019
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By: Jennifer A.

Tell me what you know, 

or think you know.

They don’t tell us everything.

Very little really.

When we ask, they send us to their websites

where there’s a scant collection

of stock answers

to what they say are

commonly asked questions.

There’s no real information there.

They manage everything very cleverly,

like magicians with sleight of hand,


outright lies,

as we stand awestruck and Mesmerized

wondering, “How’d they do that?”

They shoot back,

“Magicians never reveal their secrets.”

Their shills shout, “ Bravo!”

Then they’re off to Argentina

to improve global relations

while we’re left foundering,

idly, under water,

because the dam collapsed.

Freedom, is knowing.

Tell me what you know,

or think you know.


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