I've been blessed

Jan 13 2017
Posted by: Staff
I've been blessed

By: Jerry S.

Many people, myself included, say, "God is good." But I now remember, God is not good. 

He, God, is great! The Holy Spirit is so full of love, too!

Since coming to Nashville, I’ve thought how I wish I’d been born here.There is more love in people here than anywhere I have been. Since I’m a loner, there were never many friends. The people that I’ve met selling The Contributor newspaper have become my new friends, many of them. Sometimes someone will ask me how I’m doing, and just that much concern really makes me feel loved. 

Others know my name and I don’t know what their name is. Some wave to me but never buy a paper. We can’t know what’s inside a person’s life. But there is some love in us all! And last but not least, there are a few regular people I see who will buy a paper every day or two. I buy the papers and sell them – that’s kept me out of trouble in more ways than one.

A starving dog came into my life about a year ago; his name is Shadow.

Also a year ago, I managed to put together a small shack in the woods. It’s built from all discarded materials, a small hand saw, a hammer, no measuring tape and a pot of water for a level. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure!

I am blessed with good health mostly, especially for being 61 years old. I am blessed with more people I call friends now than ever in my life!

There are some really sweet and kind people I get to see everyday of the week. If only I could do something for them. I offer to do work for them, and from time to time I do get to do a small one- or two-day job. My hope is that one day I’ll have an actual regular place to live and get by. And hopefully even help other people myself. Lastly, I have to say the smiling faces I see out there mean a lot to me.

Jerry S. is a formerly homeless vendor of The Contributor. 

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