Health Matters

Oct 02 2019
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Health Matters

By: Chuck C.

Healthcare is a topic that is on the minds of many Americans. The subject of healthcare affects the housed, the unhoused, the working poor and the middle class. 

I find myself having been on both sides of the healthcare issues as a homeless uninsured individual 13 years ago, and as a Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA-NCCT) today. I can say that the healthcare issue is not an easy topic to tackle. Anytime you involve government in a particular issue, the stage is set for a debate for sure. As an advocate for basic human rights to be guaranteed for all, I feel healthcare is of the most basic of all human needs. Going back and forth to Metro General Hospital to the Downtown Clinic for years, we who have been there and done that know how frustrating this merry-go-round can be. 

In 2007, I obtained housing and worked at my chosen profession until I was able to draw a company pension. In 2014, I visited several healthcare facilities where I had friends as patients and residents. Some of the things I saw horrified me. In one long-term care facility I witnessed one woman who had fallen out of her bed onto the floor be ignored by passing staff. 

When I enrolled in medical college after 30 years of being out of the educational system, I began to see how complex the healthcare dilemma actually was. Working two and a half years to earn my Associates Degree in Clinical Medical Assisting NCMA/NCCT has given me some firsthand knowledge as to how things in healthcare actually work. 

I was blessed to be able to do my 180 hours of clinical internship by Urban Housing Solutions on Murfreesboro Pike. I was able to assist in treating many of my neighbors and friends who are so desperately in need of individual quality healthcare. The staff at The Clinic of Mercury Courts with Aaron Scott, NP as primary care practitioner, do a wonderful job in treating literally hundreds who walk in their doors. That is why health matters to me. 


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