Have a Little Faith

Jan 30 2019
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Have a Little Faith

By: Vicky B.

I don't write much about Faith, but she's here and there in tidbits. She's my anchor, my BFF, my inspiration, my everything. She's a 50 pound husky/lab mix that stole our hearts at Metro Animal Control five years ago. Her story before her rescue is amazing. 

Faith's mother had left her two-week-old litter of eight probably to find food and was accidentally hit and killed by a car. The driver saw that she was a new mom and set out to find her puppies. All eight were found and moved to the car before calling Metro Police to report the accident. All five boys and three girls were found to be healthy and put up for adoption.

It had been eight weeks since Keisha had passed, our basset/beagle mix, and the house was lonely without four feet running around. Paul was hesitant to add anymore to our family, and I tried hard not to push. Well this was opportunity knocking at our door. 

I picked up Paul one day after his classes at the Art Institute and took a detour to Metro Animal Control. He's a smart young man and figured out he wasn't on his way home. We pulled up to the reception area, walked in, and asked to see the dogs. It seemed to be row after row of kennels filled with lovable, full-of-personality dogs. Paul had his first sites set on a puppy blood hound mix. Of course you can imagine my eyes went wide times 10. 

There was something in this little blonde haired mixed puppy I saw. I asked them to bring her in a room for us to interact with. They named her Rebecca. (Why? I don't know.) She didn't play much. Mostly just curled up on our laps. I knew she was the one, but Paul insisted on sleeping on it. We called Jason on the way home and told him where we’d been. Jason was excited right away and worried that if we waited too long she'd be gone. Paul and I talked some more and he agreed to pick up Jason and go back and get her. He’d even call them if necessary. She was the one that would bring joy back into our home.

Four hours later she was in Jason's lap asleep in our car on the way home. Figuring out a name for a new dog can take time, but a name finally fit her. Faith. She lived on faith until her and her brothers and sisters were found, and she frequently has her paws crossed like she's praying. So, “Faith” it would be. We made a quick stop off at the local PetSmart for puppy supplies. Asleep in the cart, Faith took advantage of the nap time while Paul and I shopped. He came back with a small pet bed that was on sale. My kind of pet bed! Paul put the pet bed in the cart, picked up Faith and put her in the bed. She barely woke up!

In a short five years Faith has always been there putting a smile on my face when I needed it. She’s there to lick away the tears and always ready to cuddle. Some people say that we would have an easier time without her, but they have no clue the emotional support that a pet gives to us. They become our best friend, family. I have often said I don't know what I'd do without my kids. I don't know where I'd be without my Faith. In more ways than one: my faith in God and my furbaby Faith. Everyday I make sure that Faith knows just how special she is and how much she means to us. She inspires me to be like her. Always happy to see you, loves everyone and always kind. 

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