A Mother's Pride

May 11 2017
Posted by: Staff
A Mother's Pride

By: Vicky B.

Sometimes it is very shameful to tell people that I live with my son in a hotel. It’s not easy. But at the same time, I'm extremely grateful to have a roof, a hot shower and a bed. 

It hurts the most when my son receives his paycheck and it all goes to the office for the rent for two weeks, then he only has a few dollars left for himself. 

The times when he didn't make enough for the rent, my sales of The Contributor helped out. Selling and writing for The Contributor allow me to help out and give me a sense of pride. I'm able to help with the rent when needed. I can pay the cell phone bills, buy food and anything else we may need. If it wasn't for The Contributor, I'd have no pride at all.

My son works so hard for someone so young. He's always there telling me how good I'm doing. Each time before he leaves for work he gives me a hug and says, “Have a good night, Mom.” If my back or knees are hurting and I can't go out to sell the paper, he's always right there telling me, "It's OK, we'll be OK."

It's because of my son and The Contributor that I'm able to hold my head up high and walk with pride. I have a job; I have my own business. With my son’s help and selling The Contributor, I'm able to do things I've never tried before like writing and photography. I'm learning new things about myself and stretching my wings.   


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