10 Questions with Gnash:

Apr 17 2018
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10 Questions with Gnash:


The Predators mascot gets candid about about his fitness and trolling routines.



Gnash, you often perform some pretty acrobatic stunts at games. What fitness routine gets you in shape to rappel from the ceiling?

Cats are God’s most perfect athletes, so it doesn’t take too much to stay in game shape.  The shape I choose is round, which is technically a shape.


Does Gnash have a last name?

Like other greats, such as Madonna, Beyoncé, Cher, Prince, Pelé, Bono, Usher, and Yanni,  I only answer to one name.


Is it hard to meet lady smilodons (the saber tooth cat genus) given you are a long-extinct species?

I have never had any trouble in the lady department. Who told you that, Steve!?! Don’t believe anything that guy says. 


Raw steak or milk: What's your food of choice?

I love shark, octopus, duck and hawk.  I especially enjoy hawk when it’s blackened.


What’s the key to motivating a crowd of Preds fans? 

Our fans don’t require much motivation. Their hockey knowledge is second-to-none and they know when the team needs them to make some noise.  Smashville fans are the best in the NHL and engaged in every second of the game.


Between you, T-Rac (Titans) and Booster the Rooster (Sounds), you are the oldest. What advice do you give them?

Stay away from the catnip and other temptations that come with being a professional mascot. 


Who is your favorite team to beat?

Whichever stands between us the Stanley Cup.  I’ll let you know when the full playoff schedule is released.  


What’s been your proudest moment with the team? 

Of course, making to the Stanley Cup Final. A lot of players, coaches, fans and employees made a lot of personal sacrifices to give this team the opportunity to play for the Cup in Nashville.  To know where we once were, and to see where we ended up last summer, is a memory I will cherish forever. 


How do you handle your fame in Nashville? Can a famous tiger go to Kroger or get a fur trim without being recognized? 

Not bragging, but I am pretty much the face of the franchise … so when I am in public, pictures will be taken. I blame it all on those camera phones. Before them, it was usually just a “hello” or a high five. 



During last year’s playoffs, you gained a reputation for seriously trolling the Chicago Blackhawks. Any social media tricks up your sleeve for this year’s playoffs? 

I had a chip on my shoulder last year because everyone counted us out before the puck even dropped.  I don’t think that will happen again this year. However, if it does, I will definitely let everyone know what I think, regardless of who they are or who they work for.  As for the Blackhawks, it would be hard to troll a team who didn’t make the playoffs this year and is already working on their golf game in April! 


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