The Contributor is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that operates as a social enterprise by selling a street newspaper to vendors who are experiencing homelessness and poverty. The Contributor has over 300 vendors who actively sell the paper, making it one of the largest street papers in the world. By selling the paper to the community and keeping the profits, vendors earn their own income and restore a sense of dignity as micro-business owners. There are many other street newspapers in North America and around the world with a similar model. You can visit the International Network of Street Newspapers website for more information.


The Contributor provides a unique and flexible opportunity for individuals to build a micro-business. The causes of homelessness are complex and diverse, but the common factor among vendors is their desire and willingness to earn income. Vendors keep all profits including tips from the sale of the paper and they manage their own financial resources. We know that 50% of our vendors are homeless when they begin selling report getting into housing after 3 months of selling the paper.


The Contributor has an average monthly circulation of 30,000 copies. Customers who buy The Contributor have a positive attitude about the paper and the visible benefit it provides our vendors. By advertising in The Contributor, you can share in that connection with your target audience by also improving the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty.